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LimeLIGHT Lighting Control Software
LimeLIGHT is a PC-based lighting control system, consisting of powerful software combined with a choice of 2 reliable DMX output units.
LimeLIGHT offers all the power and versatility of a top-end lighting desk in a small and affordable PC-based solution. With its feature-rich interface, programming is quick and painless, and playback is surprisingly flexible.

The LimeLIGHT software is the basis of the LimeLIGHT system, and is what is the platform used to control your lighting rig. It features an easy-to-use and self explanatory interface, which most users will pick up in minutes. LimeLIGHT is also packed with features which let you create some great looks incredibly quickly.


The LimeLIGHT VERSE is the newest addition to the LimeLIGHT family. Aimed at those on a lower budget, it is ideally suited to DJs, bands, freelancers and educational establishments. The Verse allows you to choose the features that suit your needs in order to get going with LimeLIGHT.

No longer available

The LimeLIGHT DX2 is a robust and road-proof DMX output unit. It's aimed at professional lighting users where reliability is paramount. The DX2 allows you to use all of the features of the LimeLIGHT software, including some unavailable with the Verse. It also enables Art-Net output from LimeLIGHT.

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