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LimeLIGHT on The Stage Bus LimeLIGHT on The Stage Bus
LimeLIGHT has been used as the lighting controller of choice by The Stage Bus since 2007, creating spectacular effects across many different moving fixtures and large banks of LED.
LimeLIGHT at the University of Birmingham LimeLIGHT at the University of Birmingham LimeLIGHT has been used for countless events by the Guild of Student's technical department.

no longer available
LimeLIGHT Verse Lighting Controller
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LimeLIGHT is a PC-based lighting controller, consisting of a small and reliable output unit combined with powerful yet easy-to-use software.

LimeLIGHT Verse DMX Controller

All you need

The LimeLIGHT Verse is Trace Lighting's entry-level DMX output unit, designed to be used with the LimeLIGHT software. It allows you to harness the power of the LimeLIGHT software at a fraction of the cost of the professional LimeLIGHT DX2 hardware.

1 Universe, 512 Channels

Unlike other DMX controllers in this price bracket, the Verse does not limit the number of channels available, allowing you to use the full 512 channels specified by the DMX standard.

Your choice of features

The LimeLIGHT Verse will allow you to choose one of two operation modes when using the LimeLIGHT software:

Busking Mode - Ideal for operating live events such as clubs, bands and all forms of live entertainment. This includes the easy-to-use Submaster and Subkey playback features of LimeLIGHT and the powerful shape generator and auto-chase functions. [compare]

Theatre Mode - Providing all the necessary functionality to make any production extra special. This mode includes access to LimeLIGHT's cue list functions and the cue builder, as well as use of the command line feature. [compare]

Perfect for lower budgets

The Verse is ideally suited to events on tight budgets. Some users might include:

- Touring DJs and small club installs

- Bands touring their own gear

- Schools and colleges

- Freelance lighting engineers


No longer available to buy.

Due to unforeseen circumstances we have had to rebrand the product formerly known as the 'LimeLIGHT Element' to 'LimeLIGHT Verse' with immediate effect. Rest assured that this is the same product, and we will continue support for any products branded as 'LimeLIGHT Element'.