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The LimeLIGHT DX2 package includes a LimeLIGHT DX2 DMX output module, a software installation CD, a USB cable and a tough plastic carry-case. Currently this is out of stock.
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LimeLIGHT Lighting Control Software

LimeLIGHT is a lighting control software system which can be run on any computer running Microsoft Windows. This fully expandable system uses a DMX output unit to connect a PC running the LimeLIGHT DMX software to DMX controlled lighting fixtures.

The LimeLIGHT lighting control software is incredibly simple to use, whilst offering powerful control features. On top of this, the DMX software has many advantages over a traditional lighting console. Firstly, LimeLIGHT is extremely compact, as well as being a very cost effective solution. Also, because LimeLIGHT is PC-based lighting control software, you can always see exactly what each of your DMX fixtures are doing, instead of having to navigate menus.

Currently Trace lighting are unable to offer any output hardware, however check back here (or facebook, or twitter) for updates.

LimeLIGHT has been successfully proven within a wide range of events, including:

  • Festivals - where a fast turn around between acts and the usability by visiting Lighting Designers is of utmost importance;
  • Live Music - A wide variety of bands and artists, both large and small. Including well-known pop acts as well as national and international touring rock and metal bands;
  • Theatre Events - Preprogrammed, planned theatre events;
  • Corporate Events - Here reliability is required and the LimeLIGHT DMX software has performed flawlessly at corporate awards ceremonies and conferences;
  • Dance Events - From 'hard dance' all-night rave events to simple wedding discos, the LimeLIGHT lighting control software is ideally suited to stand-alone or live-controlled use;
  • Education - Schools are increasingly installing complex automated lighting systems and here the ease with which first technicians then pupils can learn LimeLIGHT has been helpful.

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